Raffle Information

Participating in the Extra Life can bring bountiful rewards during the raffles throughout the livestream event. The Gaiscioch Community has spent months collecting their unused game keys to use as prizes for the Extra Life Charity Livestream Event. From indie games to AAA titles we've stocked they shelves with over 300 games for attendees to choose from.

The Raffle System

There are several raffles that occur throughout this event series.

The Game Raffles

This raffle takes place at the end of each event. Participants in this game's event are eligible to win the Game Raffle.

The Daily Raffle

At the end of each day those that participated in the daily activities will be eligible to win the Daily Raffle.

The Event Raffle

At the conclusion of the Extra Life Charity Livestream Event there will be a final raffle awarding all of those who participated in any Game an opportunity to win several final prizes. Each participant earns a Event Raffle ticket per event they attend. If they attend all of the events they will have 10 chances to win.

The Prize Tiers

In order to ensure players get something they want, Items are separated into 4 tiers.

  • Bronze Vault: Contains games up to $10 in value.
  • Silver Vault: Contains games between $10-15 in value.
  • Gold Vault: Contains games between $15-30 in value.
  • Platinum Vault: Contains games over $30 in value.

* Based off suggested retail price

Bonus Raffles

As a bonus we will be adding more prizes to the bonus prize lineup as we meet milestones on our fundraising campaign. The more we earn, the more prizes will be awarded.

  • For Each $100 - A Bronze Prize is Added
  • For Each $250 - A Silver Prize is Added
  • For Each $500 - A Gold Prize is Added
  • For Each $1000 - A Platinum Prize is Added


The Gaiscioch Community hosts this annual Public Community Event to raise money for the Extra Life Charity Event benefiting the Children's Miracle Network.

Register for a Gaiscioch Passport to be eligible to win raffle prizes for participating or watching the adventure.