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Gaiscioch Passport is a one time registration for participation in various Gaiscioch Public Community Events and the Gaiscioch Magazine. By registering for a Gaiscioch Passport, you are able to claim participation in events and enter to win giveaways hosted by the Gaiscioch Community and Gaiscioch Magazine. Additionally you'll be the first to see all of our content and even have some exclusive opportunities only available to registered members. Participate in discussions, mingle on social media and make friends with Gaiscioch.

Note: Members of Gaiscioch can login using the email they registered on with, and their password on the form on the right to automatically migrate their account to the Magazine site.

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You can find this URL by logging in to, click on "Dashboard", click on "View Your Page". Then copy and paste the URL into the above box. Be sure that you've joined the Gaiscioch Team. Doing so will show your account on the "Top Fundraisers" leader board and enter you into special fundraiser raffles.
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Gaiscioch Magazine & Livestreams will not sell or distribute your information to 3rd parties. Your privacy is important to us as is your safety.

Usage Policy

This site is governed by the same policy as the Gaiscioch Social Gaming Community. We follow 1 strict rule. Blades Out, Not In. At no time may one registered user attack another registered user. We will not tolerate trolling and insults.

This community is for mature & respectful people over the age of 13. If you can not abide by these rules, and act in a respectful manner your membership will be terminated.

Security Tip:

Do not use passwords on this site that are the same as any other site or game login. While we do our best to make this site secure, nothing online is 100% safe and you should always expect that one or more of your passwords will be compromised eventually. Make certain that if one is compromised all are not compromised.

Where Can I Use My Passport?:

The Gaiscioch Passport works on the Gaiscioch Magazine site,, and the Extra Life Charity Livestream Event. All Gaiscioch Public Community Events moving forward will make use of the passport system. Learn more by visiting the Gaiscioch Passport page.



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Gaiscioch Social Gaming Community

All prizes and rewards have been donated or collected by the Gaiscioch Social Gaming Community for use during the Gaiscioch #ExtraLife Charity Livestream Event.

If you would like information about becoming a part of the Gaisicoch Social Gaming Community please visit us at: