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Bonus Raffle Tiers
Bonus Rewards for Meeting Goals

Donor Rewards

The Gaiscioch believe that there is nothing stronger than the hearts of humanity. A person or company who is willing give a child a second chance at life should be embraced by us. To show our appreciation to those who contribute to our Extra Life campaign we will be offering a free spot in our Gaiscioch Magazine as our way of saying thanks for your support and for being one of the good guys.

Here are our rewards tiers:

    Platinum Donor: $1,000

    Donations of this tier will receive a Full Page (8.5x11" 300dpi) to do as they like.

    Gold Donor: $500

    Anyone who donates $500 or more will recieve a complimentry Half Page (8x5" 300DPI) to do as they like.

    Silver Donor: $250

    Donors who contribute $250 or more will recieve a complimentry Quarter Page (4x5" 300DPI) to do as they like.

    Bronze Tier: $25

    Anyone that donates $25 or more will be listed in our Caring Hearts directory and be able to post their name or company along with an optional link.

Donate Now

What can I post?

In the Silver - Platinum spots, you can post anything your heart desires. Here's just a few ideas.

  • An Ad for your product, company, or service.
  • Give your spot to a local charity
  • Write a short story.
  • Pay tribute to a loved one.
  • Promote your Livestream or Videos

Deadlines & Locations

The Caring Hearts section will appear in our Q1 2018 Issue of Gaiscioch Magazine which will release in January of 2018. All materials must be delivered by December 5th, 2017 to make it into the issue. In addition your name or company will be listed in our caring hearts directory on the Gaiscioch Magazine website and on this Extra Life event website for future years to come.

About Gaiscioch Magazine

Gaiscioch Magazine was launched in March 2014 as a quarterly, volunteer driven, no-profit, gaming community magazine aimed at game developers, community managers, and players. It features exclusive interviews, feature stories, guides, perspectives, reviews, previews, and short stories from the Gaiscioch Community.

Our magazine has been read by over 30,000 people who logged more than a quarter million reads over the first 3 years. We continue to grow with a subscriber base over 4,500 people who recieve each issue digitally via opt-in email.

Learn more at: http://gsch.info/mag


Gaiscioch Magazine reserves the right to refuse ads that contain questionable subject mater such as but not limited to: pharmaceuticals, drug use, alchohol, sexuality, vulgarity, crime, or other non-family friendly content. Gaiscioch Magazine does not collect any money in exchange for advertising. We simply provide these ads as a way of saying thank you for supporting the Children's Miracle Network and the Extra Life Charity event.


The Gaiscioch Community hosts this annual 3-day Public Community Event to raise money for the Extra Life Charity Event benefiting the Children's Miracle Network.

Register for a Gaiscioch Passport to be eligible to win raffle prizes for participating or watching the adventure.

Created by the Gaiscioch Community

Extra Life is © by Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. Gaiscioch is not the host or organizer of Extra Life. We are merely a long time participant looking to help provide children a second chance at making an epic legend of their own. Learn more about our charity efforts at: Gaiscioch.com.

Extra Life